Artsytoo Creations is an inspiration of Heather Leigh Schaefer. Heather has created her art work, first with the rough draw, then she creates the stencil using exacto knives. The color process is with Primacolor Pencils. Heather’s framed art work is available in Galleries, on line at http://heather-schaefer.artistwebsites.com/ and tee-shirts, hats and additional merchandise at http://artsytoocreations.makeateeonline.com/home

Heather is an avid diver and you can usually find her diving every weekend in the South Florida ocean waters.Her diving influences many of her drawings as they depict the sea life she comes into contact with while diving.  When she is not diving, she is a high school Math instructor and also is an adjunct professor at Broward College in Broward County, Florida